“I found a fruitful world because my ancestors planted it for me. Likewise, I am planting for my children.” Ta’anit 23b

Planting and protecting forests, and repairing the damage already done to them, is essential to the survival of all life. JTree is a collective Jewish response led by Eco Synagogue. SAMS has teamed up with JTree partner SEED Madagascar’s Project Ala to enable members to easily contribute to reducing their carbon footprint by planting trees through this amazing project.

Project Ala aims to increase and improve viable habitat for three nocturnal species of lemur in Sainte Luce littoral forest, through corridor reforestation coupled with strengthened local and regional capacity to support the conservation of lemurs and their natural habitats.  You can see more about Project Ala here:

As part of this work SEED Madagascar, a registered UK charity is planting 10,568 trees (7,306 native species and 3,262 acacia) in our reforestation corridors. The total three-year initiative budget is £70,174 with approximately £6,000 yet to find. Dividing this total budget up in terms of trees, each tree cost in the region of £6.64 giving the potential for JTree & EcoSynagogue to plant 1,000 trees in some of the most biodiverse and endangered forests on earth.

However as per the full project proposal this much more than just tree planting and each £6.64 contributes to these key for expected outcomes;

Outcome 1: Four habitat corridors are established with seedlings, connecting 111ha of forest

Outcome 2: Community Forest Threat Mitigation and Management Strategy developed, agreed on and being implemented by stakeholders and community members.

Outcome 3: Community are engaged in and informed about conservation and environmental issues.

Outcome 4: Baseline data on key ecological and biological indicators in corridors are collected and analysed.

By supporting this project you’ll not only be planting trees but will be providing the resources to work with the community to make sure that these trees are safeguarded from fire and community cutting. SEED Madagascar will grow the vast majority of the trees from seed in our tree nursery. They’ll employ local community members making them an active part of this project for years to come. They will continue comprehensive study as these new forested corridors grow and perhaps most crucially our efforts will contribute to the long-term safeguarding of three Lemur Species (one of which is classified as endangered and the other two are undergoing classification by the IUCN) Thomas’ dwarf lemur (Cheirogaleus thomasi) mouse lemur (Microcebus tanosi) and the southern woolly lemur (Avahi meridionalis).

We would be delighted if you felt you could contribute by sponsoring one or a number of trees. Through our SCRP program members of JTree & EcoSynagogue may want to follow suit with SAMS and join the programme on the ground in Madagascar. It is potentially also worth noting that this project sits within a holistic suite of projects being run by our charity which not only look at such environmental/conservation issues but also support efforts in both community health and livelihoods.

Thanks for your consideration and support.