The Sound of SAMS

Welcome to The Sound of SAMS Project

A virtual experience of us all singing and making music together to inspire and uplift us as we continue through the lock down and to help us celebrate our 30th year as a community. Six of the songs are from our Shabbat morning service. The project was featured in The Jewish Chronicle.

Our latest song to help us celebrate Chanukah is Ma’oz Tzur. To take part please record yourself singing along to the lead video below and please follow these instructions:

  1. Record the video on your phone or computer in landscape orientation with only your head and shoulders visible.
  2. You can download and print the lyrics here:

3. Wear headphones to listen to the lead video whilst recording on a different device so that the original recording cannot be heard in your recording, otherwise it’s not possible to edit it.

4. Send your video to as soon as you can so we can get it ready for Chanukah. Any questions or technical issues just message Darren and he’ll help you out.

The first song in the playlist below could be described as the SAMS anthem. The words on our Ark come from Psalm 133. “How beautiful it is for people to dwell together in harmony” – “Hineh Ma Tov Umanayim, Shevet Achim Gam Ya-Chad”