SAMS Welcomes Syrian Refugees

In both 2017 and 2018 as part of Mitzvah Day SAMS has co-hosted a family tea for Syrian Refugees with Herts Welcomes Syrian Families (HWSF). The first event resulted not only in articles in both Jewish News and the local press but in SAMS and HWSF becoming finalists in the 2018 Herts Advertiser Community Awards in the Good Neighbour category.


The event in 2018 was truly heart-warming. There was Syrian & Jewish music and dancing with over 100 people of all ages taking part. “We wanted to learn about each other’s cultures” said Helen Singer, who coordinated the event.  “So Syrian ladies cooked delicious coconut cakes and pancakes alongside our volunteers who made brownies and scones. Then we had tea in SAMS’ building, with activities for young people upstairs. Samah Alrahabi from Herts Welcomes Syrian Families, added: ‘Thank you for organising this wonderful event. All the families enjoyed themselves and had fun, it was so nice to watch some people dancing today, the children had a lovely time as well.”

Below are some of the photos from 2018: