SAMS Sunflowers Registration Form

In attending SAMS Sunflowers with the child(ren) in my care and by completing and submitting the registration form, I have read, understood and agree to abide by the rules contained in the Parent/Carer information leaflet with which I have been provided and in particular note that children must be accompanied by an adult at all times and are the responsibility of their parent/carer at all times; and that SAMS Sunflowers volunteers cannot look after children at any time.

There is a suggested donation of £3.50 per session for the first child and £1.50 for additional children/babies in the Seedlings room, to cover the costs of running SAMS Sunflowers. Although we rely on donations to keep SAMS Sunflowers going, it is more important to us that your child/ren join in. Please give what you feel you can.

We do not share contact details with any third parties.  Access to any personal data held will be restricted to those that need access for SAMS Sunflowers work only. Email addresses are essential so we can send notifications of any cancelled sessions and to inform new registrants how to book for future sessions.

It is parents’/carers responsibility to read the ‘Parent Information Form’ they are given on their first visit to Sunflowers.

SAMS Sunflowers Registration