LGBTQIA+ Diversity

SAMS is proud to be a shul which is welcoming and inclusive of diverse gender-identites and sexual orientations, embracing LGBT+ Jewish people.

Our community performs same-sex Shutafut ceremonies, an egalitarian and gender-neutral alternative to the Kiddushin wedding ceremony, and we can legally register them under the auspices of West London Synagogue.

There is a single-stall accessible and gender-neutral toilet in the building, and we’re happy and able to accommodate diverse identities in religious services, including in offering aliyot in gender-neutral language when requested.

We take seriously the notion that it is a mitzvah, an obligation, to celebrate and appreciate the diversity of Creation, in the spirit of the blessing which we recite on seeing people whose appearance differs to our own: barukh attah Adonai, m’shanneh hab’riyyot. Blessed are You, God, who diversifies the Creation.