SAMS is proud to be a member of the EcoSynagogue initiative – a movement, based on the blueprint of EcoChurch, that encourages environmental awareness and change in religious organisations within the UK. The aim of EcoSynagogue is to help shuls assess and improve their behaviour in broad domains of activity: how we use any buildings or land we own or care for; how we eat and consume; how we use the opportunities of the liturgical year; how we teach and preach; and how we change the behaviours of our congregations. Masorti Judaism in the UK, under the leadership of Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, launched the EcoSynagogue movement in January 2018.

SAMS is now working on our own EcoSynagogue activities and we are actively engaged in or planning the following:

·         Use as little disposable cutlery and crockery as possible;

·         Using more recycled or recyclable products;

·         Recycling the containers and bottles we can’t avoid using;

·         Buying local, seasonal food to avoid air miles;

·         Working to improve our energy use.

If you have ideas as to how we might collectively reduce our environmental impact, please get in touch through the shul office,