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Jun 14

London Jews in the First World War: We were there too

By Editor | Blogs

Written by Pauline Symons You can listen to Pauline reading this post on the audio version of our latest Newsletter Does your family have a First World War story to tell? A new Heritage Lottery Fund project called ‘The Jews of London in the First World War – We Were There Too’ aims to inspire the community to help find […]

Jun 12

Bias in the Media

By Editor | Blogs

Written by Tara Goldsmith For many years there have been arguments as to whether or not the news media is biased, this argument has been particularly relevant when talking about the Israel/Palestine conflict. Often, as Jews it is an automatic reaction to believe that Israel is being discriminated against, however, after looking at different statistics and articles it is clear that this […]

Jun 09

North Herts Jewish Genealogical Society

By Editor | Blogs

Written by John Shaw You can listen to John reading this post on the audio version of our latest Newsletter The local group of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain has been meeting at SAMS about twice a year since 2014. We have also been meeting at the Welwyn Garden City Synagogue. All the meetings have included general sessions uncovering […]

Jun 06

SAMS Bridge Club

By Editor | Blogs

Written by Andrea Berry You can listen to Andrea reading this post on the audio version of our latest Newsletter ‘What shall I say about the Bridge Club?’ I enquired of my fellow players. ‘Awful people!’ was the immediate response. ‘Rude!’ ‘Cruel!’ After the inevitable laughter, the serious comments: ‘The newer players can learn from the more experienced’. […]

May 25

From the Co‐Chair

By Editor | Blogs

Written by Simon Samuels You can listen to Simon reading this post on the audio version of our latest Newsletter   Do you know that feeling when you pop into a shop that specialises in something that you don’t really know much about and you quickly realise that there is this whole other world of dedicated […]

Feb 13

SAMS singers sing

By Editor | Blogs

By Stephen Gess I have always noticed that our community was a musical lot and I wondered whether there was a possibility for an informal singing group at SAMS. The first step was to look for a song leader and in January 2016 we found Judith Silver who ran a pilot of singing workshops which […]

Jan 11

Q & A with Rabbi Carl

By Editor | Blogs

What was the highlight of your time at SAMS? It is difficult to single out one highlight as there were so many. My answer would be that one among many was the five classes I taught. Each one dealt with difficult questions and what made each gathering so special were the questions that the students […]

Dec 15

Reflections on SAMS Mitzvah Day 2016

By Editor | Blogs

Here’s a post from Mr Mitzvah Day himself, Nick Grant SAMS undertook it first Mitzvah Day event back in November 2009, and has been supporting the initiative since then. This year, we undertook 9 events: Collecting household items for Syrian refugees recently relocated into St Albans Local Cemetery tidy up (interfaith event, together with St Albans […]

Nov 30

Mitzvah Day Report from Heartwood Forest

By Editor | Blogs

Guest post by Darren Marks On Mitzvah Day 2016 eleven SAMS member of all ages took part in the Woodland Trust tree planting event in Heartwood Forest, an event we as a community have been participating in for several years. We were part of a team of 679 volunteers from every walk of life who […]

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