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Jan 17

17 January 2019

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Dear Friends, One of the (many) things I love about Judaism is its infinite potential to reinterpret texts. In some ways, this aspect of our ancient tradition is incredibly modern; like postmodern philosophers, our Sages were happy to read texts out of context, in their own right, and often ignorant of the authorship or background […]

Dec 14

13 December 2018

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Dear Friends, In my free time, I like to read history of all sorts: ancient, modern, military, social, etc. At the moment, I’ve been reading a lovely book called “The Future of War: A History.” In the book, the author, Sir Lawrence Freedman, looks at the historical record for times and places where individuals and […]

Dec 07

6 December 2018

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Dear Friends, I hope that Hanukkah has provided a welcome bit of light and warmth in these dark days of winter. As we light the Hanukkiyah each night, hopefully the light of redemption increases just a bit more, up and up until we have the full complement of all eight nights- but even then, we […]

Nov 23

22 November 2018

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Dear Friends, I’ve been on leave this week and next as Mikayla’s parents have been visiting us from the States and we’ve been enjoying spending some time with them. I did want to share a few words about Chanukah and remind you of a few exciting things coming up.  All too often, the revolutionaries of […]

Nov 16

15 November 2018

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Dear Friends, I’m sharing below words which will be published in the JC this weekend in honour of Mitzvah Day. You can also find my Sidrah column in this week’s JC.  In 1940, the Jewish newspaper of the Warsaw and Krakow ghettos published an anonymous op-ed from an author who signed only, ‘Your Mother.’ In […]

Nov 01

1 November 2018

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Being a rabbi- It’s generally my job to know what to say in difficult situations. This past week however, has been a significant challenge. I’m sure none of you are unaware that last Shabbat saw 11 people murdered at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Words often fail to capture the weight of […]

Oct 25

25 October 2018

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Dear Friends, Cheshvan offers many blessings for rabbis. Allowing a bit of a lull after the high holy days, Cheshvan is usually quite an enjoyable time in the annual calendar cycle. Yet, there is one major exception: there is nothing I dread more than the annual social-media debate among friends and family over whether or […]

Oct 19

18 October 2018

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Dear Friends, Aaron and Armando – not two names you typically see together. One Hebrew, one Spanish, these two have been on my mind this week through a remarkable real-life story of one of my colleagues and his community. R’ Aaron Brusso is the rabbi of Bet Torah, a growing Masorti community in Mt. Kisco, New […]

Oct 11

11 October 2018

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At the very start of Parashat No’aḥ, which we will read this week, we find the following doom-laden verse: “The Earth was corrupted before God; all the Earth was full of violence.” (Genesis 6:11) This is actually part of the same narrative as the very end of last week’s reading, which is somewhat artificially split between […]

Oct 05

4 October 2018

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Dear Friends, We’ve reached that point finally- the end of the high holy day season! Yet, in typically Jewish fashion, that ending only means more beginnings. Beginning with “In the Beginning…” this Shabbat with Parashat Bereshit, we start the Torah anew once again. In addition, there’s some beginnings kicking off throughout our community as well: […]