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Sep 27

26 September 2019

By Editor | Blogs

Dear Friends, Every year, Professor Danny Matt, a scholar at Berkeley and the translator of the Zohar into English, does all self-respecting nerdy Jews a big favour: he combs through the Tanakh to find verses which add up to the number of the new Hebrew year. Since any word can also be read as a […]

Sep 19

19 September 2019

By Editor | Blogs

Dear Friends, When you spend any extended time living in Israel, one of the first Hebrew phrases you pick up is the oft-used and little-understood, Selichah! Usually used in a series of staccato repetitions (“Selichah, selichah, selichah!”), this word is ubiquitous on the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv alike. The word (סליחה) literally means […]

Sep 19

12 September 2019

By Editor | Blogs

Dear Friends, It’s not every day you get uplifting political news– especially these days. Yet, yesterday something happened which, to me at least, signals that things aren’t all that bad. A few weeks ago, thanks to the braggadocio of Italy’s Foreign Minister Matteo Salvini, the Italian parliament looked as though it would be the first one in […]

Sep 05

5 September 2019

By Editor | Blogs

Dear Friends, It’s astounding to me how quick the seasons seem to change when the school term begins again. It could be mid-June or late-November but I’d swear the official switch to Autumn-feeling™️ happens the week that school returns. Though the weather is still lovely, I can’t help but crave a pumpkin spice latte and start […]

Aug 29

29 August 2019

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Dear Friends, Arguably, no one loves acronyms more than the Jews. The further you get into traditional Jewish texts (especially rabbinic ones) the more that the words dissolve into endless (and often, senseless) acronyms. I would imagine that I’m not alone among people who have spent time in a Beit Midrash in having devoted a […]

Aug 19

15 August 2019

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Dear Friends, This is a weird week in the Jewish calendar. On Sunday we commemorated Tisha b’Av (the 9th of Av), the day on which the ancient Temple was destroyed and numerous other calamities befell our people. It ties with Yom Kippur as the saddest day of the Jewish year (and shares many ritual similarities as […]

Aug 02

1 August 2019

By Editor | Blogs

Dear Friends, Back when I was a young, doe-eyed, proto-rabbi– there was one thing above all else that I felt the need to hide from my classmates and teachers. It was an opinion which was very much not in vogue (#unpopularopinion) and I thought it best to not be too eager to share it. Basically, […]

Jul 26

25 July 2019

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Dear Friends, The big Summer music hit this year in Israel– a country predominately made up of Jews who have emigrated there from around the world– is an unconventional Arabic-inspired R&B hit by Alessandro Mahmood, an Egyptian-Italian singer. Soldi (money) is sung in Italian, but that hasn’t stopped it from being wildly popular in Israel, where, […]

Jul 23

18 July 2019

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Dear Friends, On the wall of my office, there’s a large poster which features the Hebrew text of a quote from the Book of Michah (Chapter 6, Verse 8): הִגִּיד לְךָ אָדָם, מַה-טּוֹב; וּמָה-יְהוָה דּוֹרֵשׁ מִמְּךָ, כִּי אִם-עֲשׂוֹת מִשְׁפָּט וְאַהֲבַת חֶסֶד, וְהַצְנֵעַ לֶכֶת, עִם-אֱלֹהֶיךָ. You have been told, mortal, what is good– and what God […]

Jul 17

11 July 2019

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Dear Friends, Food can tell us a lot about history– and often, food undermines our own self-conceptions of what ‘history’ is all about. Take the example of paella. Paella is (unofficially) Spain’s ‘national dish’– it exudes Spanishness and Hispanophiles the world around cherish the smell and savour of a proper paella (cooked of course in […]