Lifecycle Events

Lifecycle Events


The arrival of a baby brings joy to the whole community. To honour this special occasion, we encourage members to have a baby blessing in the synagogue.

Baby blessings normally take place on a Shabbat morning towards the end of the Torah service. The family is fully involved and we are able to customise the order of the service to suit the event.

Please contact the synagogue office to plan your baby blessing. Why not sponsor a Kiddush and invite the whole community to celebrate?

If you have a boy, the Rabbi will be pleased to recommend a mohel (a person trained in the practice of brit milah – the covenant of circumcision).


Bar & Bat Mitzvah

The goal of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah at SAMS is to give our youngest adults a feeling of ownership over the incredible tradition they inherit and the tools to live a Jewish life as they grow.

Studying for and experiencing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah gives our young people the opportunity to provide leadership in the SAMS community. They learn to lead us liturgically, as our teachers and as doers of good in the world.

We are committed to giving our members the best possible experience of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, conscious of the differing backgrounds of SAMS members who want to celebrate this event with us.

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah service will usually take place on the Shabbat after the child’s thirteenth Hebrew birthday.


There is nothing we like more than arranging our special SAMS weddings. These occasions are always lovely and intimate events in the venue of your choice.

The process starts with a discussion with our Rabbi, who will get to know you and what you are hoping for on your special day. You will meet our marriage secretary to sort out all the civil and legal paperwork, and you will be able to find out about the costs involved.


The passing of a loved one can be a most difficult period. As in times of joy and celebration, we come together to support members and their families in times of sadness and grief. Rest assured that your loved one will be taken care of from the moment of passing until the burial through our chevra kadisha (Burial Society), which includes accompanying the met (the body) at all times and the ritual preparations before the burial.

St Albans Masorti Synagogue is a member of the Joint Jewish Burial Society and our burial ground is at the Western Cemetery (Cheshunt). Details concerning membership can be obtained from the Synagogue office.

Joint Jewish Burial Society: 020 8989 5252

Western Cemetery (Cheshunt), Bulls Cross Ride, EN7 5HT.   01992 717820

For Pastoral emergencies or in the event of bereavement: Please contact Rabbi Adam on 01727 860642.  Please leave a message if there is no answer.  You can also email

In the event of a bereavement, members of the burial scheme should also contact the Joint Jewish Burial Society directly on 020 8989 5252. The burial society will arrange matters with the undertakers and cemetery. Their email is

We will offer help and guidance with all the necessary arrangements.

Following the funeral, the Rabbi will support the family in making arrangements for shiva (the seven days of mourning immediately following the burial) at the home of the mourners as well as any emotional or physical support they may need. We are a family and no one will be alone during this difficult process.

Learn More About Our Burial Society

Download the SAMS Bereavement guidelines here.


SAMS Memorial Tree

The SAMS portion of the Kol Nidre Appeal recently was to raise funds towards a memorial wall at SAMS and now thanks to your generous donations we have commissioned and installed the tree designed by Robert Shaer and Josh Baum which was the most popular with the community.

If you would like to order your commemorative leaf, please return the  application form .  

We are really proud to have SAMS’ own beautiful art work to commemorate the community’s loved ones.

If you would like to include a photograph and story about your loved one in our Mapping SAMS Roots collection at, please contact