21 January 2021

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Jan 22
Dear Friends,

This upcoming Shabbat, Parashat Bo, has been designated by Jami as Mental Health Awareness Shabbat for several years now. Each year we’ve tried to mark the occasion by sharing resources or information on how important it is to challenge stigmas and seek support around mental ill health. However, no year has this probably been more important than this one. 

I was really glad to see this Wired piece this week: It’s Not Just You, Everyone’s Mental Health is Suffering. That is rather focussed on the situation in the US, but as has become clear the last two weeks, the UK is not faring much better. The Guardian wasn’t being sensationalist at all when it ran the headline, just after Christmas, Covid poses ‘greatest threat to mental health since Second World War.’ The statistics there are bleak– and the outcome clear– it is more important than ever to look our for our own mental health, and that of the people we love and care for. 

Thankfully, much good work has been done in recent years in breaking down the stigma of seeking mental health support. The next step is to make those services and resources accessible, and the threshold to accessing them as low as possible. Therefore, this week, for MHAS, I’m linking below several great, online-based, mental health resources.

The greatest resource we have though, is each other. We have a wonderful group of volunteers at SAMS on our Care Committee who help look after members needs and wellbeing, and both they, and myself, are completely accessible. I want to be really clear about this: you can contact me anytime if you need any support, are struggling, in a crisis, or just need to talk.

In the meantime, please look after yourselves and your loved ones, this week and every week. The impact of the pandemic goes far beyond the obvious physical health concerns and addressing our physical wellbeing is equally as important as taking seriously our mental wellbeing.

Shabbat Shalom,
R. Adam

Online Counselling through Jami:

Qwell (Online Counseling and Support)
Kooth (Online Wellbeing for Students)

Crisis Support:

Samaritans (Crisis Support)
Shout (Crisis Text/SMS Support)

Peer Support:

Jami Carer and Family Support Groups
Side by Side (Mind’s Online Support Community)

Information Pages:

Coronavirus and Wellbeing (Mind)
Coronavirus and Your Mental Health (Young Minds)

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