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Nov 29

28 November 2019

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Dear Friends,   As an American, there’s lots about British culture that I’ve had the pleasure of picking up these last few years. Unique words, different turns of phrase, some unnecessarily complicated spellings, and also whole cultural phenomena which are new to me. One which falls into the last category is the ‘hustings.’    A […]

Nov 21

21 November 2019

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Dear Friends, “We are part of something greater: a vast web of existence constantly expanding and evolving. When we gaze at the nighttime sky, we can ponder that we are made of elements forged within stars, out of particles born in the big bang […] Beyond any star or galaxy we will ever identify lies the […]

Nov 08

7 November 2019

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Dear Friends,   This week in the Torah, as we zoom in post-Flood onto Abraham and his family, we get a story that, to its first listeners, would have been remarkably strange. Our ancestors who first recorded and told the tales of the Torah were well acquainted with mythological epics about heroes encountering the gods. […]