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Apr 29

25 April 2019

By Editor | Blogs

Dear Friends, With the horrifying news coming out of Sri Lanka over Pesach, we find ourselves with yet another atrocity perpetrated in the name of ideology over which to grieve. With over 300 killed in at least three locations, this horrifying attack on Sri Lanka by a relatively unknown Islamist group in the country is […]

Apr 11

11 April 2019

By Editor | Blogs

Dear Friends, The images which leave an impression on us aren’t always the ones we expect. A black field, with an uneven yellow-orange halo surrounding a fuzzy black centre doesn’t sound like a particularly moving visual stimulus. Yet, the image (below), which was released yesterday, is a huge step forward for our understanding of the […]

Apr 04

4 April 2019

By Editor | Blogs

Dear Friends, Believe it or not, we are only a little more than two weeks away from the start of Pesach! Timed this year to coincide with a different sort of exit (or not), the Exodus from Egypt is the impetus for our biggest festival. Yet, for many, observance of Pesach has been mired in […]