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Jan 24

24 January 2019

By Editor | Blogs

Dear Friends, Few people have been more misunderstood than the much-maligned philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. For many, the name of Nietzsche conjures up images of jackbooted fascists, and to some he is considered to be the intellectual underpinning of Nazism, with his ideas of will, nihilistic tendencies, and the oft-quoted notion of the übermenschen. Yet indeed, […]

Jan 17

17 January 2019

By Editor | Blogs

Dear Friends, One of the (many) things I love about Judaism is its infinite potential to reinterpret texts. In some ways, this aspect of our ancient tradition is incredibly modern; like postmodern philosophers, our Sages were happy to read texts out of context, in their own right, and often ignorant of the authorship or background […]