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Nov 23

22 November 2018

By Editor | Blogs

Dear Friends, I’ve been on leave this week and next as Mikayla’s parents have been visiting us from the States and we’ve been enjoying spending some time with them. I did want to share a few words about Chanukah and remind you of a few exciting things coming up.  All too often, the revolutionaries of […]

Nov 16

15 November 2018

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Dear Friends, I’m sharing below words which will be published in the JC this weekend in honour of Mitzvah Day. You can also find my Sidrah column in this week’s JC.  In 1940, the Jewish newspaper of the Warsaw and Krakow ghettos published an anonymous op-ed from an author who signed only, ‘Your Mother.’ In […]

Nov 01

1 November 2018

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Being a rabbi- It’s generally my job to know what to say in difficult situations. This past week however, has been a significant challenge. I’m sure none of you are unaware that last Shabbat saw 11 people murdered at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Words often fail to capture the weight of […]