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Jul 27

26 July 2018

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Dear Friends, There’s been many aspects of my Jewish life where I’ve often felt an ‘outsider’. I consider it a badge of honour to be a rabbi who understands what it’s like to not be able to read Hebrew or not know what page we’re on during services. Yet perhaps the most profound lack of […]

Jul 19

19 July 2018

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Dear Friends, Just under two thousand years ago, the Jewish people found themselves amidst a civil war. For the better part of the 1st century, the Land of Israel saw previously inconceivable upheaval: a Roman invasion and occupation, a split between Jews who would collaborate with the Romans against those who insisted on violent resistance, […]

Jul 03

28 June 2018

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Dear Friends, This week we mark an anniversary which would normally never have even pinged on my radar: seventy years of the NHS. As a recent immigrant from the Colonies, the massive and apparently-endlessly bureaucratic NHS has been an interesting curiosity for me. Long since a supporter of single-payer healthcare in America, I was eager […]