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May 24

24 May 2018

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24 May 2018 One of my missions in life is to dispel misconceptions about Judaism- it more or less comes with the territory. Whether it’s assuring people that the ‘sheet with a hole in it’ thing is just an urban legend or trying to demonstrate that not all Jews are white, I enjoy the effort to try and […]

May 18

17 May 2018

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Dear Friends, In the unlikely event that you have had the blissful pleasure of being totally ignorant of the internet for the last 72 hours, I’m want to point your attention to an argument which has raged across cyberspace, tearing apart families, causing marital strife, and leading to thousands-long comment chains of people yelling at […]

May 10

10 May 2018

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A little over three years ago now I spent a weekend at a Washington D.C. conference centre filled with 20,000 people– all there to lobby their senators and congress people to support defence and diplomatic ties between America and Israel. It was March 2015 and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA, better known as […]

May 03

4 May 2018

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During this period of the Omer (between Pesach and Shavu’ot) many people observe certain customs of mourning: not shaving, not celebrating weddings, not buying new clothes, and not listening to instrumental music. Strangely enough, this custom arose as a way of marking a mysterious plague of the ancient world. ‘What plague?’ you may ask. For […]

May 01

26 April 2018

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A catholic priest, a buddhist, and a Jewish-Quaker walk in to a room. While this sounds like the beginning of an (admittedly bad) joke, it’s actually just the setting for an interfaith event which took place last night sponsored by the Cathedral’s programme: ‘Interfaith St. Albans.’ The subject of the evening, in line with Sustainable […]